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84 Hidden Vale Close

Once again, I was working with some established homeowners who wanted to find a property for their adult children to gain a toe-hold into the competitive Calgary market. In this case, my buyers wanted a home that would allow one daughter and her partner to live upstairs while the other daughter and partner could also have a comfortable and similar quality home downstairs. In other words, a run-of-the-mill basement suite was not going to cut it.

Their initial budget was up to $550,000 but after viewing many sub-par illegal suite properties in their chosen communities, they raised this to $600,000. On the August long weekend, while others were out of town, we viewed a nearby home with a horrendously “renovated” and very unappealing basement suite. Thinking this would likely be another bust outing, we went to 84 Hidden Vale Close and were thrilled to have a very different experience!

Pride of ownership was evident thoughout this home and the developed basement, while not billed as a seperate suite, was in just as pristine condition as the upstairs.  It had high 8′ ceilings, a nice wetbar, big windows, a full bathroom, laundry and a very pleasant bedroom. There was also space to easily add a second, large bedroom in the undeveloped storage area. We were very impressed with the condition of this home both inside and out. As well, we saw a fairly easy approach to installing doors that would enable the upstairs and downstairs to both have private entrances.

After viewing about 20 homes and being outbid on a couple, we knew this was the one. I submitted an early “bully” offer on behalf of my clients that was over-ask but conditional and asked for acceptance that evening to avoid competing with other bids during the bid review scheduled for later that weekend. After some discussion, and working to build trust that our conditional offer would not fall apart as many do in this hot market, our offer was accepted.

Our conditions were dropped a week later and I was thrilled to turn the keys over to my buyers a few months later.  On possession date the home was spotless, the sellers had left a bottle of wine and a lovely letter, and mom, dad, and daughters were all very happy with their new property.

I checked in recently, and renovations were underway to convert the basement into a legal suite with a separate entrance. The upstairs family members who moved in on possession day remain very happy and everyone involved is excited to complete the lower suite renovations in time for Christmas.