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While I was on holiday in Hawaii, I received a phone call from a couple in their 80’s who decided it was time to sell the rental property they had owned since 1979.  They were done with being landlords and didn’t want to “do so much as change another light bulb”. The day after I returned from vacation I met with them to discuss my services and provide a competitive market assessment. The following morning we met at the property, set the price and I crafted the listing along with booking open houses for the upcoming weekend. The open houses were very successful as the pricing below $500,000 for a detached home brought in the crowds. My knowledge of rental properties, renovation costs and opportunities, as well as the rental market was also very helpful in marketing the home and ultimately we had a conditional sale that weekend, conditions removed a week later and cash in our sellers’ bank account well before Christmas. Everyone was happy and my sellers were especially pleased that the buyers were a newly engaged young couple purchasing their first house.  My sellers saw a little bit of themselves way back in 1979 when they put down a $4,000 deposit on this $69,000 new home with stars in their eyes.

A detached home that was perfect for starting out, with suite potential in the basement – worked great for the original owners and now on to the next young couple!

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