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129 Inglewood Grove SE

Charming Inglewood townhome

A word-of-mouth referral led to my marketing of this charming Inglewood townhome. Its owner had already purchased a new house and was keen to sell her former home, quickly, but at a good price.

When I first saw it, I was taken by the stunning nature views of the Bow River and city pathways meandering below the kitchen window and raised deck. I decided to make this a key selling feature for this listing, along with some charming vignettes that were easy to create in this slightly quirky, split level townhome. Luckily, my seller was very motivated to present her home at its best and was a great collaborator in the process of decluttering and styling for maximum effect.

When we launched the MLS listing, a few weeks later, and at the same price it had failed to sell at months earlier, we had strong interest.  Within two days, this cozy townhome, offering the perfect blend of river-side nature and Inglewood lifestyle was conditionally sold, over asking!

Preparedness, fall-in-love-focused marketing, or a big dose of luck? I’m not sure which was most important, but I’m thrilled to have delivered the exact outcome this seller was looking for. Not to mention, a great home for the young couple who plan to make it their own!  This deal was a win-win all around.