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1301D, 500 Eau Claire Ave SW

Late in the summer of 2022, a long-time friend agreed to look at some potential downsizing condos with me as long as I promised “not to be disappointed if she didn’t buy anything”.  She had looked at numerous properties a few years earlier with another realtor until they gave up because nothing quite suited her tastes.  I must admit, she gave me a good challenge to solve – her must-haves included close proximity to her friends, nature and the restaurants and shops she already frequented in central Calgary locations.  At least 1500 square feet indoors and large, private balcony space outside. Double ovens, a stand-alone tub, not too high of a tower floor-level, and no “4s” in the address.  A place she liked as much as the one she was contemplating leaving, at a lower cost, in order to make moving worthwhile.

Following my usual approach, I showed her a dozen listings on paper that I had selected from MLS to further narrow in on her preferences.  I quickly understood that she wasn’t kidding when she said she would be hard to please. Of the dozen, only three seemed interesting enough to visit, which we did. One piqued her interest enough to return with her interior designer but was rejected when desired renovation estimated costs quickly topped $300,000.

Seeing what she responded to positively and negatively, I conducted another MLS search and found one more potential prospect.  Lo and behold, we visited it and we visited it again with her interior designer who commented “Cindy, you really pulled a rabbit out of a hat on this one.”  Some tough negotiating on my part and we had a new home for the lady who thought she’d never move. I am happy to report that I had dinner in this new home recently and she says she likes it even better than the previous home of 20 years that she downsized from. Apparently, her new condo and her new building are simply perfect for her!

A fully renovated 1988 square foot, two bedroom, two bath condo with captivating views and a rare 24’ x 17’ landscaped, private balcony.  Just what the client ordered!

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