unique you + expert me = real estate success

After a career of helping corporations build successful marketplace strategies and brands, I decided to use my skills for maximum good and maximum fun as a REALTOR®. Helping people with the most important transactions of their lives – buying and selling homes.

Turns out, my years of experience focused on uncovering what people really want even when they can’t quite articulate it, negotiating win/win deals, and obsessing over all things homes – home design, home renovations, buying and selling homes, and helping real estate developers design new homes and new communities – has given me the skills to become an exceptional realtor. But most importantly, I’m a realtor with heart who treats every transaction as if it is my own and every client as if you are my family.

Pease feel free to contact me at cindy@strategyhouse.ca or 587-999-3595 if you are interested in discussing how we might work together.

Cindy Skrukwa, Calgary REALTOR
Cindy Skrukwa, MBA, REALTOR®

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